Seeing the sparkle

Years of passionate creative development in the directions of performance, film and design, have lead me to carving my own creative self-coaching strategies to keep the focus and the good work going through the many challenges I encounter on the path of non-commercial art.

Navigating through the creative jungle means constantly transforming challenges into possibilities, often on one’s own. Within the creative circles, such as art schools and art collectives, it is common to support, encourage and keep an eye on each other, but it is way more challenging if we are in this process by ourself. I’m here to be your companion. I feel that it’s part of my life purpose to share my knowledge, experience and my creative toolbox with people who need this support on the path of being and becoming. I have been frequently coaching my friends through their withdrawals and it gives me rewarding feeling to help people I like and want to see happy and vibrant. Seeing the sparkle back in their eyes brings me joy. That sparkly energised enthusiastic handsome juicy smily human being.

My long term intention in coaching is to continuously develop one of the best holistic programs available in this field, connecting science, history and philosophy and to publish about these challenges and solutions, therefore I will be forever learning about manifestation of our beautiful creative intentions.