Lingerie love

The hidden, unseen, invisible and unknown has always allured me more than the obvious. I agree with the notion that generally the invisible is more important than the visible, however one can’t exist without the other and part of the magic of lingerie is that it’s underneath the visible layers. It’s the closest and most private layer to our body. Choices we make regarding lingerie unveil things about our hidden self, our inner world, similarly to tattoos. These tiny, intimate and gentle peaces of clothing have the power to extend the body and alter the way we feel. Lingerie can bring us in touch with our body and to engage our senses. It is an instrument that allows to get in touch with the sensual self and to feel deeper in love with one’s own self and it helps us tap into and express our sense of self worth. By wearing lingerie we create a special, gentle contact with our skin and experience the tactile erotism of simultaneously being dressed and undressed.

Sometimes we find it difficult to accept and let our natural sensuality flow all through our daily activities, especially with the stress levels around us, when actually it should be flowing along with all other energies, and without any feelings of guilt. I am not saying that we should be wearing luxurious lingerie 24/7, but we should stop and smell the roses, unclog the channel of pleasure in case it’s neglected and let this soft and joyful energy serve us without switching it on/ off, consistently boosting our inner radiance.

What I often see in lingerie stores is a shortage of creativity and enviromentally unaware approach in the choice of materials. The result is women supporting production of synthetic poliester and men growing up and getting old in the same casual cotton boxer briefs, never altering their senses the way they could. Boring, isn’t it? I believe that this difference is due to the old stereotype that women wear beautiful lingerie to please men. There are no rules in lingerie. Lingerie and sensuality is to be experienced and enjoyed regardless of the gender, age or body shape.

To make a long story short – I’m currently working on embroidered silk boxer shorts for men and I’m open for inquiries from men who would like to come a step closer to their ability to be in touch with their sensual and soft self and their inner allure. Please don’t hesitate to take contact with me if you are up for this adventure. Voilà!