Creativity coaching

You were born ORIGINAL. Don’t become A Copy.

Can you see the artwork, craft or design you’re not making or the book you’re not writing? My coaching is something for you if you are a Creative Thinker (a student, creative, writer, entrepreneur or an organisation) that wants to get in the Creative Action. I am here to help you to overcome the resistance, get out of the comfort zone and get going. Our attention will be on your creative objectives and what is holding you back from them. We will create small actionable steps and I will guide you on the way to accomplish your creative objectives.

As your creativity coach my goal is to inspire and help you to manifest your Unique Creative Potential by guiding you in:

  • teddy.jpg
    Bear with me, acrylic on canvas, 2018

    activating your intuition and your natural creative flow/ passion/ joy

  • showing up – carving out time to play and produce. Creating your rythm, focus, space, self-discipline
  • accessing and tapping into your inner creative resources
  • using your monthly cycle as your creativity tool (ladies)
  • floating through failing and learning with ease
  • releasing and bypassing inner blocks and fears of criticism and rejection
  • navigating through creative anxieties, refining and integrating your critical faculty
  • sharpening your creative intelligence and mind through new knowledge (look, listen, learn)
  • disidentifying from your creation
  • hustling and engaging with fun
  • dreaming big and living a more vital, authentic and conscious life
  • making a Positive Impact around you by embracing and allowing your creativity to flourish 

Is everyone creative?

Why Arta?

I’m available via phone, Skype, email ( or in person. To learn more about this work or to book a free introduction session with me, please submit your request below