Photo credit Massoud Memar

I am

a visual artist born in 1983, in Riga, Latvia. Through the ups and downs of my background growing up in a post-Soviet Republic, I have been curiously discovering the concepts of freedom, independence and responsibility. My values as a person and as an artist are feeling connection with nature, myself and others.


I graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy (Amsterdam) audio visual department in 2016 and since then have been based in Amsterdam. Besides my individual art practice I was a co-founder of an art collective DAY, where I was actively involved in upcycling projects and live performances in 2017.

My current project, 2019

My longing for more harmony in human’s relation to his natural environment and a deep need to reconnect to the physical matter inspires me. I’m born and raised in Latvia where nature is perceived as a top source of energy and quietness, and where this connection historically goes hand in hand with the tradition of craftsmanship. With my current work I reffer the modern, fast lifestyle and I’m confronting those patterns in the way I live and work – by following my intuition.