Entering DAY and Arta’s new studio



Our art collective DAY has taken it’s shape officially! The collective consist of me, Anna Dorota Radzmirska and Yulia Ratman. The three of us studied together in the Gerrit Rietveld academy in Amsterdam and have collaborated in various creative adventures and art projects. There’s always plenty to learn from the diverse skills that we possess, and our common goals keep us close.


DAY is crossing the borders that often have to do with ‘unspoken deals’. While falling into the logical misunderstanding of our unideal environment, DAY reveals other ways of looking beyond image. Even though the road could lead to vice or grace, our trio possess a conscious humanistic outfit. Apart from making personal works our collective is interested in practicing art process with other people of any age and beliefs, where the open dialogue, a new experience, the challenge and an exchange of views take place. “Enter” – the first public event of DAY was a blast. It was an explosion of creativity and fun in the public corridors of my studio. Guests were entering the space blindfolded through a big imaginary vargina and given creative exercises, accompanied with live music.

During the evening one to one Dinner performances took place in my room.  Each performance was different and each revealed something about the characters of our guests.

The new space has been successfully  consecrated, now we just have to continue with the good spirit that we just established!


Photo Gallery of Enter event. 

DAY’s website



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